Urne cinerarie in ceramica


Choosing clay for the construction of the urns has multiple advantages over other materials such as wood or metal, it is also the material of our origins according to the Holy Scriptures. The cooked clay (ceramic / majolica) is resistant to humidity and therefore is not subject to oxidation and the  decomposition phenomena.

The clay urn is particularly suitable for both cemetery niches and to be kept at home.

A casa può essere anche mostrata in quanto trattasi di prodotto artistico interamente modellato e decorato a mano; la sua lavorazione, certosina, dura fino a 20 giorni.



The processing steps are:

  • Forming – the process by which the clay is worked on the lathe to obtain the desired urn shape ;
  • Drying – the urn is left to dry for a few days until the right consistency is obtained;
  • First firing – the dried urn is subjected to a slow cooking at very high temperature for a duration of about 12 hours becoming a terracotta urn;
  • Glazing – the urn is glazed with the immersion method;
  • Decoration – the urn is painted with ceramic colours;
  • Second firing – the decorated urn is subjected to a second firing in the oven to obtain the final product.

Customized Urns

Take care of your memories because you can’t live them again. (Bob Dylan)

Each urn produced is the result of a delicate and meticulous hand manufacturing process

The cinerary urns in Vietri artistic ceramic are unique pieces because they are entirely handmade. The presence of small imperfections testifies to the uniqueness of the urns. They can be customized in shape and colour or with dedications, symbols or photos in remembrance of your loved one.


Lines of ceramic cinerary urns

“Classical” Vietri Artistic Ceramics

Inspired by the ancient tradition of the ceramists of the Amalfi Coast, the urns recall the typical colours of the famous “ceramica vietrese“. The design echoes the symbols, shapes and elaborations of our classic Italian ceramics. The craquelure effect (cracking) is sometimes used, and makes the work more fascinating and precious.


“Ancient” Vietri Artistic Ceramics (Marcina)

Raw material as it is, without alteration. Terracotta in its essence, only modeled in a delicate shape and sinuous lines. The design of the ancient ceramic line echoes the simplicity, naturalness and harmony of the origins without any artificiality. The coloured lid echoes the ancient Etruscan traditions (so-called tyrrhenan).

“Modern” Vietri Artistic Ceramics
The urns have a sober and essential design in their decoration and colour, which is always decisive. They are artifacts that can very well be used as furnishing accessories.

“Sacred” Vietri Artistic Ceramics
The “sacred” line includes both the urns with Christian religious symbols and icons (the Rosary, the Holy Face of Christ, The Virgin Mary and the Saints depictions), and those that show signs and colours, vivid and unequivocal, of the “four elements” (Water, Air, Fire and Earth).