Urne cinerarie per animali

Cinerary urns for animals

“for those who leave their mark on our hearts”

Preserving the ashes of the dear four-legged friend is a way to keep their memory close.

The idea of leaving one’s puppy’s ashes in the places where he lived, cheers up and lets us perceive his continuous presence.

Many do not have an open place, such as a private garden, where to store it and for this reason the choice of an urn may be the best solution to always keep it with you.

Given the craftsmanship of the product, it is also possible to personalize it with an image or drawing on request.

A small gesture to keep your puppy's memory alive!

Our dear and affectionate pets, life and play companions, deserve a just and adequate burial. The national and community provisions consider the pet an element of CAT 1, and therefore it can be treated exclusively through incineration plants or others of a similar category, recognized by the  C.E. 1774/02 rule.

 The most suitable procedure to meet those who face the death of their pet is cremation.

If the death of our pet has occurred at home, the first thing to do is to take it to the vet to ascertain the death, so they can issue the relative certificate. If our dog or cat had a microchip then the certificate must be delivered, within 15 days, to the local health authority (ASL) and more precisely to the Veterinary Service to allow cancellation from the canine registry. These bureaucratic steps are very painful, when having to be done at the time of the death of our dear friend; for this reason it is possible to rely on the service of a funeral agency that can carry out, if requested, the entire process by assisting in this delicate phase.

The practice of cremation

Cremation is a practice that is spreading even more for pets.

It is a very popular practice for owners because, if they wish, they can also keep the ashes of their faithful 4-legged friend with them.

It is a practice authorized by the health authorities as it is in accordance with the rules of the (Asl) local health authority and there is no danger for one’s own health and that of one’s children.

There are two cremation modes: single or collective.

Collective cremation takes place for several animals at the same time and there is no certainty that the ashes are entirely of one’s dear friend while with single cremation the animal is cremated alone and the only thing we need to worry about is the choice of the urn which must contain its ashes.