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Little Switzerland

My artisan ceramic company is located in the elegant and suggestive town of Cava de’ Tirreni, a “little Switzerland” in the province of Salerno, a strategic point when reaching the magnificent Amalfi Coast. In the Middle Ages, Cava had an excellent ceramic production, there are several finds of clays and kilns that testify to the lively activity of the time. Duke Ruggero donated the port of Vietri to the Abbey of S.S. Trinity of Cava de’ Tirreni which thus became the cradle from which the decorative styles originated.

Vietri ceramics

The territory of Vietri was considered the industrial area, relative to the town of Cava de’ Tirreni, where plants were built for the production of those objects that could serve the Abbey and which, from the Neapolitan industries, had reached Cava, in this case, especially the tiles and “riggiole“. Moving forward in time, in the early decades of the 1900s, the ceramics of the Amalfi Coast and especially Vietri ceramics, had become increasingly established thanks to the numerous foreign artists such as Stüdemann, Dölker, Irene Kowaliska, Elle Schwarz, who praised and exalted its gifts.


Cremation is an archaic rite that was forbidden in Italy until 1963 when the Catholic Church abolished the prohibition. Cinerary urns have always represented the main form of preservation of the remains and over time they have been transformed into real works of art.

Shapes, decorations and materials are different according to the culture of the people who practiced it.

Breathing and esperiencing the culture and tradition of this splendid contest, I couldn't help but be totally influenced by it!

For over 20 years, i have been working as a ceramist focusing my attention on funerary ceramics and, in particular, on the production of cinerary urns in Vietri artistic ceramic.
Matteo Autunno (I am)

Cinerary Urns Vietri ceramics

The choise

The choice of the urn that will contain the ashes of a dearly departed is a delicate and heartfelt moment. In fact it is the trace, the sign that remains of that person, for this reason I like to give the opportunity to make it personal, in shape and decoration. My products are rigorously handmade with artisan methods.

Remember, wherever you are … If you look for me, you will always find me in the same place. 

Francesco De Gregori 

Listening to a person's story means entering into their experience on tiptoe ...

I produce several lines of ceramic cinerary urns by hand. Alongside this product I deal with the design and construction of: souvenir pendants, candles, candle holders, sacred objects, pictures and handcrafted tiles.