Life is a spark, a flash of love from a clay grain. 

M. Autunno

Custmized Urns

Each urn is the result of a delicate and meticulous manual manufacturing process. Ceramic cinerary urns are unique pieces because they are entirely handmade. They can be customized in shape and colour, or with dedications, symbols and photos in memory of your loved ones. The pieces are exclusive thanks to their craftsmanship.

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Ceramic Urns

Ceramic cinerary urns are an artistic product. My company places customer sensitivity at the core of the matter, because choosing the urn takes place in a very delicate and painful moment; symbolically it encompasses the life, feelings, passions and ego of the loved one.


We work throughout Italy

Direct collaboration with Funeral Service companies 

I have attended several industry events where I have had the chance to meet many professionals. Over the years, this has allowed me to significantly expand my work relationships at a national level. With the funeral services, I have direct collaboration wherever they may be…


Urne in Ceramica, my company, boasts decades of experience in the ceramic urn sector.


The quality of the materials and the processing method guarantee the creation of exclusive cinerary urns.


I produce exclusive pieces by hand.

Supporting material

I provide funeral service companies with material to document, show, inform and guide the relatives of the dearly departed when choosing the funeral urn

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Origins of the Cremation practice

The practice of cremation has distant historical roots. The first traces go back to prehistory. Historians agree that the first practices occurred during the Stone Age, around 3000 BC in Eastern Europe and the Near East.




Ceramic Urns


Remembrance Pendants


Urns for Pets



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Cinerary Urns for Pets

Our dear and affectionate pets, joyful companions deserve a just and adequate burial.



Our life friends

with whom we share a lot and from whom we receive a lot.


Customized cinerary urns with photos, decorations and colors that remind your puppy.


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